WONG Wang Chi Lawrence 王宏志

Research Projects

  • Defining Hong Kong Literature - A Pilot Study of the Criteria in the Canonization of Hong Kong Literature
  • WONG Wang Chi Lawrence
    1 December 2001
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The project aims at studying the various criteria adopted by critics and anthologists in the discussion and anthologizing Hong Kong literature. By analyzing these criteria, mainly in the light of western theories of canonization, the project hopes to identify the different strategies and agenda of individual critics and anthologists in their attempts to define Hong Kong literature. Special attention will be given to the several histories of Hong Kong literature that were published before the return of Hong Kong sovereignty to China in 1997, as in many cases, they represent a serious attempt of mainland scholars to incorporate Hong Kong literature into the grand narrative of Mainland literary history, which is often dominated by political considerations. Responses made by .local. scholars and critics to this narration of Hong Kong literature, mainly in the form of Hong Kong literature anthologies, will also be discussed. The study is of crucial importance in the study of Hong Kong literature because it will help to explain how the present notion of Hong Kong literature is constructed. Further, it is hoped that a somewhat .objective. set of criteria can be proposed for future studies. (AL01785)

Research Publications

  • <'Borrowed Land, Borrowed Time': On the Special Cultural Space that Hong Kong Provided for the Nanlai zuojia “借來的土地,借來的時間”:香港為南來文化人所提的特殊文化空間)>. 論文發表於 Cultural Relations between Shanghai and Hong Kong: Connections and Interactions, organized by Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Fudan University, Shanghai, 中國香港, 2003.12.18.

  • "Cultural Maritime Ports: International Cultural Exchange in Shanghai and Hong Kong In the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century". Paper presented in the International Conference on Maritime Cities: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, organized by Dept. of History and Research Institute for the Humanities, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 20 pgs. Hong Kong, 2001.03.

  • <"The Hong Kong Story of the Hong Kong Chinese: The Permanent Exhibition of Hong Kong Museum of History" (香港中國人的香港故事:香港歷史博物館的常設展)>. 論文發表於 Contemporary East Asian City Cultures: The Construction of a New Culture and Ideology, organized by Centre for Contemporary Chinese Cultural Studies, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China, 2003.12.06.

  • "Re-constructing the Pre-colonial and Colonial History of Hong Kong in a Post-colonial Age: 'The Hong Kong Story' Narrated by The Hong Kong Museum of History". The Third International Congress of Asian Studies, organized by National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2003.08.19.

  • 《中國文化的傳承與開拓 : 香港中文大學四十周年校慶國際研討會論文集》(與梁元生及羅炳良合編),香港:中文大學出版社,2009。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL DS721 .X526 2003; ULDS721 .X526 2003 c.2)

  • 《本土香港》,香港:天地圖書有限公司,2007。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Literature PL3032.H6 W67 2007; NA PL3032.H6 W67 2007 c.3)

  • 《否想香港:歷史・文化・未來》,台北市:麥田出版股份有限公司:發行城邦文化事業股份有限公司,1997。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies DS796.H757 W63 1997; CC Reserve 4 hours DS796.H757 W63 1997 c.3; NA General Education DS796.H757 W63 1997 c.2)

  • <國族論述與香港文學史書寫>. Paper presented in the Seminar on Hong Kong Literature, organized by the Research Institute for the Humanities, Hong Kong Literature Research Centre and University Library System of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, 2002.12.11.

  • 《歷史的沉重——從香港看中國大陸的香港史論述》,香港:牛津大學出版社, 2000。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Reserve 1 day DS796.H755 W65 2000; UL HK Studies DS796.H755 W65 2000 c.3)

  • 《雙龍吐艷:滬港之文化交流與互動》(與梁元生合編),香港:滬港發展聯合研究所,香港亞太研究所,2005。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL DS796.S25 S58 2005 c.3; UL HK Studies DS796.S25 S58 2005; CC Reserve 1 day DS796.S25 S58 2005 c.2)

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