Statminder-Training Bulletin for Statistical Officers June 1996

刊物名稱 Statminder-Training Bulletin for Statistical Officers June 1996
出版者/機構 Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong
出版日期 June 1996
摘要/ 目錄
  • 1. A Note from the Editor
  • 2. Back to Basics (14)
  • Cluster Sampling
  • 3. Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Concepts, Questions and Answers
  • To introduce the concepts of GDP and the method of compiling it. Some commonly raised questions and answers on the subject.
  • 4. Some Important Issues in Statistical Thinking
  • Computing joint probabilities after some outcomes are known “x % of respondents to the survey support proposal Y.” Does this statement make good sense ?
  • 5. Simple Screening Device for Distinguishing between ‘Estimates” and “Guesstimates’
  • To introduce some simple screening guidelines for distinguishing between carefully prepared ‘estimates’ and carelessly or inappropriately thrown together ‘guesstimates’
  • 6. TwinBridge – Chinese Partner for Windows
  • To Introduce the functions and some special features of the software
  • 7. Book Review Corner
  • Statistics: A Guide to the Unknown
  • 8. Stat-link Mail Box
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資料類別 報刊雜誌- 期刊
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