Organizational complexity and industrial health services: a study of Kwun Tong


Lee, Rance Pui-leung

TitleOrganizational complexity and industrial health services: a study of Kwun Tong
PublisherSocial Research Center, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Publication DateJuly, 1972
Keywords:Industrial hygiene

Kwun Tong

Abstract/ Concluding Remarks:The hypothesis concerning the relationship between organizational complexity and availability of health services in work-organization is tested with data from a probability sample of 346 registered industrial establishments located in an industrial satellite town of Hong Kong in 1971. We discover that the relationship is strong and positive, and is independent of the pattern of ownership and of technological security.

We also find that foreign-owned industrial units provide more health services to workers than nonforeign-owned units and that the lower the degree of technological security the more would the health services be available. To account for the variations in health services, organizational complexity is found to be statistically as important as ownership pattern and is much more important than technological security.

To interpret the relationship between complexity and health services, we argue that with increase in complexity, industrial firms may deliberately become more concerned with work-morale and thus provide more medical and health benefits to their workers. Our findings shed some lights to the general issue concerning the consequences of bureaucratization in modernizing societies.

Furthermore, since a substantial number of the industrial units studied are small-scale in nature, our findings also suggest that in most of the developing countries, small and large industries differ not only in terms of economic operations but also the availability of service programmes to their workers. Hence, a practical implication of this study is that health workers should reduce the medical deprivation by placing more emphasis on the supply of medical care to employees in small industrial undertakings.

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