TSANG Shui Lung 曾瑞龍

Research Projects

  • Development of the Learning and Teaching Resources for the Integrated Humanities (S4-5) - Core Modules 2-4
  • SO Kee Long Billy, LEUNG Yuen Sang, TSANG Shui Lung# ,SIU Kam Wah
    1 December 2002
    Curriculum Development Council, Education and Manpower Bureau

    This project provides quality services in developing the learning and teaching resources for Integrated Humanities of secondary school teachers of S4-5. (AL02726)

  • In-service Teacher Training Course: Learning and Teaching of S1-3 Integrated Humanities
  • SO Kee Long Billy, LEUNG Yuen Sang, TSANG Shui Lung, SIU Kam Wah
    1 February 2002
    Education Department, Hong Kong SAR Government

    This project provides in-service teacher training to secondary school teachers in support of the newly implemented subject Integrated Humanities for S1-3. (AL01863)

* Name of external researcher
# Name of staff who has left the University