Surrender and Regrant (in DD 186 TAO FUNG SHAN)

資料名稱:Surrender and Regrant (in DD 186 TAO FUNG SHAN)

District Office, New Territories

The Christian Mission to Buddists; Trustee: The Acting Superintendant of Tao Fung Shan, Sha Tin

民間資料- 證件契據


Particulars and Conditions for the grant of a lease of the piece or parcel of Crown Land described in the Second Schedule hereto (hereinafter called the new lot and shown edged RED on the attached “Regrant Plan” for a term of 75 years commencing from the 1st July 1898 with the option of renewal at a Crown rent to be fixed by the District Commissioner, New Territories (hereinafter referred to as the “District Commissioner”) for one further term of 24 years less the last three days thereof in exchange for the surrender of the pieces or parcels of land described in the First Schedule hereto (shown coloured Pink on the attached “Surrender Plan”)

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