The growth pattern of organizations in Kwun Tong


Chan, Ying Keung

TitleThe growth pattern of organizations in Kwun Tong
PublisherSocial Research Center, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Publication DateAugust 1972
Keywords:Social conditions

Kwun Tong
Social conditions

Abstract/ Concluding Remarks:Kwun Tong may be considered as a particular industrial community of the Colony and has its own special development pattern. The planned (at least at the beginning), development, whether successful or not, may be repeated in other industrial areas of Hong Kong. Before we dig deeper into the studies of similar industrial districts or industrial- districts-to-be, such as Tsuen Wan or Shatin, it is still premature to say the same development pattern will occur or has occurred in these industrial areas, and the same problems encountered in Kwun Tong will be or have been faced by them during the development process. Anyhow, planners should pay attention to some already occurred problems in the Kwun Tong community, e.g. (1) the development of community services and organisations cannot catch up with the rapid growth of population and manufacturing industries; there is always a gap between the needs wanted and the needs satisfied; (2) there is not enough space for the expansion of commercial undertakings in the Town Centre; (3) insufficient recreations and entertainments; (4) inadequacy of transportation facilities etc. These chaos may be avoided if (1) we can anticipate what the population size and the intensity of production activities will be when the community undergoes its development process, and (2) the question of how to satisfy the probable needs for services (including public utilities, transportation system, social services, education, medical and health care, recreation and service type commercial undertakings, etc.) at each stage of development is well considered at the very beginning.

Sometimes, it may be very difficult to have a 100% perfect regional development plan, particularly for areas under changeable political and economic atmosphere. However, it is not impossible to minimize the above-mentioned problems.
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