Women’s News Digest No.37/38 Feb 1996

刊物名稱 Women’s News Digest No.37/38 Feb 1996
出版者/機構 Association for the Advancement of Feminism
出版日期 Feb 1996
摘要/ 目錄
  • Newsbits
  • Monitoring report on legislative councilors
  • Seminar on changing economy and its impact on women workers
  • Legislation against discrimination of sexual orientation and family responsibilities
  • Roundtable on women and poverty
  • Features
  • Hong Kong women in Huairou
  • Hong Kong NGOs’ participation in World Conference on Women
  • From human rights to women’s rights: possible trajectory for Hong Kong activists
  • Preparatory Working Committee violates women’s rights
  • Statement against elimination of the New Territories Land (Exemption) Ordinance
  • Who should be blamed for discrimination against homosexuality?
  • A more accountable and transparent EOC
  • Initiators of the women’s movement in the eighties – Hilda Cha and Tse Yuen Hing
  • Resources
  • News Clippings
  • Hong Kong
  • China
參考編號 AS09 J0002
資料類別 報刊雜誌- 期刊
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